Shenzhen LEON heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LEON TECH),is a China leading supplier of Ground Support Equipment(GSE) of airports and airlines.

LEON TECH’s owner Mr. Leon Liu has more than 20-year experience in managing special vehicle and airport Ground Support Equipment(GSE)industry. With rich experience in team building and training, technical research, manufacture and marketing, he is very familiar with top European and American manufacturers and their techniques. He had represented more than 30 top brands of special vehicle for 5 years, had designed and manufactured airport Ground support equipment (GSE) for about 15 years. He had built up 3 factories with 1000 people’s team and led his technical and production team in designing and manufacturing more than 20 types of high additional-value Ground Support Equipment with international advanced technology level as substitutes for imported equipment. He had led his sales team in completing international sales performance more than USD 15 million and domestic sales performance about USD 30 million, which establishes and accumulates extensive client basis and resource.

LEON.TECH’s products are designed and manufactured according to EN12312 series of European standard, with self-propelled chassis, western popular brand’s component, specifications, function and device. By comparing, analyzing, digesting and absorbing all the same type products of worldwide, we independently develop our own product with proprietary intellectual property rights that meets international market’s demands.

LEON TECH has a professional sales and service engineer team, to provide timely, high-quality and comprehensive after-sales service and technical support. With spare parts warehouses in factory, we are able to supply our customers with high-quality spare parts at any time ,We are looking forward to establishing long-term, friendly and cooperative partnership with our customers!

LEON TECH will improve product quality and increase market competitive, we introduce overseas advanced technology to develop international standards of products according to customer's request. Engaged actively in developing overseas markets, our products have been widely sold to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa etc.



Contact us:

Company: Shenzhen LEON Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

Add: No.55, Shizhou Zhong Road, Nanshan , Shenzhen, Guangdong , P. R. China

Tel: +86-755-86233536

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